Wine Cellar Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring systems alert you when your Wine Cellar Room, Equipment or cold and frozen food inventory are at risk.

Wine lovers take their passion seriously, and collectors need to make sure their vintages stay safe and protected. It might seem like the only threat to a bottle of wine is a handy corkscrew and a healthy thirst, but quality wines can be affected by a variety of environmental factors – and a valuable collection could become damaged by unexpected temperature problems when the cooling equipment fails.

​Thankfully, at CR Custom Services we offer a wide variety of security / monitoring systems especially designed to make sure your Pinot Gris and Sangiovese don’t fall victim to the perils of temperature fluctuations, light exposure, power outages, changes in humidity and break-ins from crooks or even misguided teens looking for party favors.

Typical wine cellar protection focuses on the four major threats to a wine collection:
*Humidity and theft.

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

When you own or you’re responsible for valuable cold food/drink assets, and frozen or refrigerated inventory, disaster is always looming…especially when you aren’t home or at work. CR Custom Services provides remote monitoring, early warning systems and auto dialers to up to 10 different phone numbers, emails or by text messages. These refrigeration monitoring systems help you verify that everything is constantly stored at the correct temperature. Our systems monitor standard refrigerator and freezer temperatures and even ultra-low freezer temperatures (-80 °C). They can also monitor critical conditions like humidity, power failure, equipment failure, and water leaks, providing instant alerts via phone, email or text when a condition falls outside your preset parameter. You get a cost-effective early warning system as well as detailed data logs and reports to demonstrate compliance.

Remote monitoring systems alert you of threats to your equipment or facilities. CR Custom Services offers complete remote monitoring, early warning systems, we offer the latest products and technology available, product function as data loggers with unlimited storage collecting data and pushing it to the cloud for alarming, and reporting. You can view the status of multiple locations through website or iPhone/Android app, and manage multiple devices from one login. It’s quick and easy to access trending reports, check specific equipment status and review alarm history.
Cellular and low-cost satellite options are available for remote sites that don’t have phone lines, broadband or cellular service.
CR Custom Services helps monitor and control HVAC equipment, refrigeration and cold storage units, restaurant walk-in units, chillers, and other unattended operating facilities 24-hours-a-day. These monitoring systems track temperature changes (ranging from cryogenics to industrial ovens), power failures, pressure, timers, alarms, excess humidity, water seepage, floods, and intrusion. They can help operators prevent costly problems and dangerous industrial accidents, help avert downtime, and maintain peak operating performance for thousands of dollars in potential savings.

CR Custom Services monitoring systems provide an extra layer of protection 24/7 for remote sites, instantly notifying you when they detect readings outside of preset parameters and possible threats to unattended equipment or facilities. Early notification enables you to take fast, preventive action before production or storage is impacted, equipment and property are damaged or the environment is contaminated.

At CR Custom Services we can help you protect your wine investment or frozen assets and equipment today, with our refrigeration maintenance plan or by installing a Wine Cellar / Refrigeration Monitoring System.

Many cooling equipment problems can often be detected before breakdowns actually occur.

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