Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor

Summer heat in Phoenix, AZ, can be oppressive, and a reliable, efficient central air conditioner creates a cool and comfortable sanctuary inside your home or office. A professionally designed and properly installed AC system will work quietly and efficiently through many summer seasons. Manufacturers continue to introduce new equipment that costs less to operate and offers better comfort than units produced less than a decade ago. In fact, a 17 SEER air conditioner can save up to 29 percent when compared to a 12 SEER system installed in the mid 2000s.

Air Conditioner Choices

It takes many years of training and experience to fully understand the refrigeration cycle. The HVAC contractor you choose should have a thorough understanding of the AC installation and repair process. This includes system design services that incorporate important structural features such as perimeter tightness, window exposure, doors, duct leakage and insulation values. Improperly sized air conditioners can short cycle, which will degrade efficiency, lower comfort levels and cause the unit to break down prematurely.

Air conditioners are manufactured in several different configurations and can meet the requirements of every application. The various AC platforms are based on job site conditions, structural challenges and customer performance expectations.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Central air conditioners contain a variety of moving parts and high-tech components. Preventative maintenance is an important element in a comprehensive air conditioning service program

Routine maintenance helps expose minor problems before they can cause an equipment malfunction or impact performance. During the preseason, technicians visit your home or office and perform numerous tests, inspections and calibrations that will keep your AC unit running at peak efficiency no matter how hot and humid the outdoor weather may be.

CR Custom Services Air Conditioning – Heating – Refrigeration is a full-service HVAC contractor who offers complete air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services. We invite you to call in today and learn more about the many benefits of owning a modern, efficient central air conditioning and heating system.