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Air Balancing

Balance The Air In Your Home

Air balancing is an often overlooked, but key component of keeping your HVAC system running at maximum efficiency. Poor or unbalanced airflow can significantly reduce the efficiency of your system, raise your utility bills, and possibly cause unnecessary repairs. Our experienced technicians can come to your home and analyze your airflow to help make sure your system is optimized for maximum comfort.

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Why You Need to Balance Airflow in Your HVAC System

You may have one room that is always hotter or colder than the rest of your house. This is one of the biggest signs of unbalanced airflow. While you may not think much of it and simply change the thermostat, this may be putting unnecessary strain on your system and increasing your costs to run it.

First, if you’re trying to cool off a warm room, lowering the thermostat means you’re using more energy to do it. When you balance airflow in your system, you redistribute air from the colder rooms to the warmer rooms to achieve the desired temperature using the same level of energy.

Second, air conditioners and their parts have a limited lifespan just like any other mechanical system. If unbalanced airflow increases the running time, it means you will needed to replace the system sooner than you otherwise would have.

Third, the whole purpose of central air conditioning is usually to have the same temperature throughout your entire house. Constantly changing the thermostat, changing clothes, or using portable fans, coolers, or heaters can lead to unnecessary frustration and reduce your enjoyment of your own home.

How it Works When you call us about air balancing, the first thing we’ll do is assign an experienced technician to have a detailed discussion with you about your home. No one knows your home better than you, and if the goal is to maximize your comfort, the best way to accomplish it is by asking where you’re comfortable and where you aren’t.

Second, the technician will visit your home and test your system. They will check the airflow coming out of each vent and look for leaky ducts, dirty filters, or any other problems that could be reducing the airflow to certain areas.

If there are no problems there, the system could need other types of adjustments. Whether the ducts were originally built for a different air conditioner, changes have been made to the house causing rooms to receive more or less sunlight, or the system was just poorly planned, balancing airflow is a relatively straightforward process involving the addition, removal, or change in size of your ducts and vents.

Changing the ducts or vents may sound like a complicated or expensive project. While it won’t be the simplest change, it doesn’t need to empty your bank account or tear up your entire house, and the cost will be fully or partially covered by energy savings and reduced wear and tear on your HVAC system. Give us a call today and we can discuss what balancing the airflow in your home would involve.

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